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EPI/Discovery Special Channel, Canada
- "Panic in The Ring of Fire" Volcano Merapi mountain, and Earthquake in Jogjakarta, Carolyn Jacob / Discovery Specials Unit, John McMullan /Resource Producer, Elliott Shiff /Senior Field Producer, Laurie K Gilbert /Director of Photography, Will /Soundman, Location Jogjakarta, Center of Java, production May 2006. SHOW PICTURES

LighHouse Films, United State of America - Rochelle Marmorstein /Producer, Chris Allingham /Cameraman, Darryl E. Smith /Cameraman, Tyler Binden /Soundman -  Documentary "Quest Youth Global Healing II", Ubud - Bali Indonesia, production April 2006. SHOW PICTURES

Naveen Art Center, India - Sukhdev Singh /Producer, Sangeeta Mehta /Director, Production January 2006

Channel 10, Australia -  Craigh Raynolds /Producer - News Television "Bomblast in Bali", "drugs story", Production October 2005 - SHOW PICTURES

Australian TV - Documentary "Corbys file" , - Production October 2005

Malik & Essential Band Group of Jakarta - Video Clip - Cinzia /Producer, Production September 2005 - SHOW PICTURES

Pieter Kerr Association, Asia - Lucien Thynne, Emma Hardy /Photographer- Production August 2005, Location Bali - SHOW PICTURES

Pierre Javaux Production, France - Feature Film - Director by Marc Esposito entitled "Toute La Beaute du Monde", Starring Pop Singer Marc Lavoine, Zoe Felix, Albane Duterc, extra talent more than 400 people - Production August-November 2004, Location Lombok, Bali. SHOW PICTURES

Volcano of Mount Merapi
Earthquake in Jogjakarta
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Boden, German & Bali - Catalog Book - Luli Orchad - Production October 2004, Location Bali

BBC London & Lonely Planet, United Kingdom - Nick Ray, TV Program entitled "BBC 80 Wonders of The World", Production July 2004, Location Java, Sulawesi

Eye works, Belgia - Tom Cloeckaert, Documentary Location Mentawai island-Sumatera, Production June 2004

Decode Entertainment, Inc., Canada & Advanture Indonesia- Christopher Frederick Kratt - TV Program entitled "Kratt Brothers Be the Creature" Production May - June 2004, Location Komodo Island, Kalimantan

Cross Land, Swiss - Thomas de Monaco, Still Photographer for Catalog - Production May 2004, Location Bali

Rooftop Productions - TV5, United Kingdom - Sophie Chalk & Dominique Young, TV Program entitled "Rooted", Production April 2004, Location Bali

AVTV, United Kingdom - Lindsay McAulay, TV Program, Production March 2004 Location Lombok -Production Assistantitled "Rooted", Production April 2004, Location Bali

FHM Magazine, Australia - Marlene Mifsud, entitled "Today Tonight", Production March 2004, Location Bali

MTV, United Stated of America - Kirtie Wempe, TV Programm entitled "Wildboyz" Production February 2004, Location Bali, Komodo Island, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bogor, Semarang.

Eden Entertainment, Canada - Morgan Gabereau Production February 2004, Location Bali

LeBrocquy - Frazer Productions, Singapore & UK - Julia Fraser with Director U-Wei Bin Haji Saari /Malaysia - scouting locations for the upcoming film "Almayer's Folly" location southern and eastern Kalimantan January 2004

Ibal Design, Bali - Production 15 internationally renowned photographers from England, Japan, Australia, USA, Production December 2003, Creative Director - Leonard Lueras Commissioning Editor - Dr. Lawrence Blair, Charles Orchard - the Publisher "Bali Paradise Rediscovered"

LEEKIM Production and Banana Film Coordination of Seoul, Korea - Jimmy Cho, TV Drama entitled "An Occurrence in Bali" Production December 2003, Location Jakarta and Bali

Lapac - Pieter Kerr Association, Asia - Lucien Thynne, Visa Premier Card Commercial, Production November 2003, Location Bali

Boden, German & PKA Asia - Keely Pearce , Catalog Book entitled "Indigo", Production October 2003, Location Bali

TV, German - Hans Buer, TV Program, Production October 2003, Location Bali

Resource Media, Canada - Patrick Metzger TV Program entitled "Envy TV" & Karma Trekkers "Paradise of the Living Gods" Production September 2003, Location Bali

Live Arts Entertainment - Discovery Channel, Singapore - David Adams, TV Program entitled "Sync of Swim", Jaimie Aditya, Production July 2003, Location Bali

Multivision Plus, Jakarta - India - Wicky V Olindo, Feature Film Director by Sharad Shanan entitled "Kiss Kiss Ko", starring pop singers A Band of Boys with extras talent more than 600 people, Production June 2003, Location Bali & Nusa Lembongan Island

4D Entertainment, USA & Japan - Matt Taylor - International Musicians "World Peace Music Awards" June 2003

Lotus Film Ges.m.b.H., Swiss - Pepo Wirthensohn & Peter Worthensohn, TV Program entitled "Workingman's Death", Production May 2003, Location Bromo mountain - East Java

Popular Arts Entertainment - Animal Planet, United Stated of America - Dominique Boozer, Andrew Holland, Jeffrey Scott Corwin, TV Program entitled "Jeff Corwin Experiences", Production March 2003, Location Jakarta-Java, Kalimantan

BBC - London, United Kingdom - Scott Alexander, Natural History Program TV entitled "Time Machine", Production April 2003, Location Bali

BBC - London, United Kingdom, Kirsten Lee Grant Magasdi, TV Program Fast Track & Gate 24 entitled "Jet Set" Production February 2003 Location Bali

TV 7, Australia, Great Outdoors - Clare Mandile, TV Program entitled "Return to Bali", Production February 2003, Location Bali

GMM Film, Jakarta - Garry Hayes, TV Program entitled "Bali Cries", Production February 2003, Location Bali

Jasper Drake Productions, Australia - written by screenwriter Michael Laurence and produced by Shawn Stevenson scouting locations for the upcoming film "Walter Spies of Bali"

Toshiba Digital Frontiers Inc., Japan & Bali Heat - Koichi Shimotake -TV Documenter Production August 2002, Location Bali

United TV, Canada - India - Jaya Mahajan - Director Craight Moffit, TV Program entitled "Pan Asia", Production July 2002, Location Lombok, Bali, Jogjakarta-Java

Channel nine, Australia - entitled "Get Away" Freestyle Holidays Production July 2002, Location Bali

Pixcom Production, Canada - German Gutierrez -TV Program entitled "A Taste of Asia", Production June 2002, Location Bali

Noodle Box, Malaysia - Cooking Lifestyle Show Production June 2002, Location Bali

Deutsch Welle TV, German - TV Program entitled "Bali Camp Computer", Production 2002 Location Bali
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